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156: Living Your Life Straight Up - with Trent Shelton

156: Living Your Life Straight Up - with Trent Shelton

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - August 4, 2020 - 59:56

Everyone's favorite motivational powerhouse Trent Shelton is BACK on the podcast and we're covering it ALL: how to connect with friends when things are hard, how to protect your peace, and basically everything you need to know about Trent's brand new book, out today! It's called Straight Up (naturally) and it's for anyone who could use a jolt of motivation in their daily lives. Click the link below to check it out!Listen to me when I tell you you NEED this book in your life. Go to to get Trent's book, out TODAY! Also if you need more fire in your weekly life, did you know Trent has a podcast with our network? You can listen to it here: we've all either been through it, are currently going through it, or will go through it. That's just how life is: once you think you've got it all figured out, it hits you with something you never saw coming. Grief? Check. Divorce? Check. Global pandemic? Uh, CHECK! That's why I wrote a new book all about conquering hard things and coming out the other side a better, stronger you. It's called Didn't See That Coming, and it's available for pre-order here: of my very best friends are launching a podcast with us! It's called Everyday Lesbians, and it's like sitting down with a couple of your best friends to chat about all the things: funny things, hard things, movie things, things we don't totally understand (like TikTok???). Join Beans and Sami every week for a bit of fun, and listen to the trailer here:

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