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167: Matthew McConaughey Reveals the Ultimate Secret to His Success

167: Matthew McConaughey Reveals the Ultimate Secret to His Success

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - October 20, 2020 - 50:33

What. Is. My. Life. This week I had the unbelievable pleasure of sitting down with Matthew McConaughey and let me tell you: he is as charming in real life (or over a Zoom call) as he is on the big screen. We chatted all about how his family has adjusted during lockdown, what it's like writing and creating in anonymity, and the secret he's held onto all these years from none other than Jay Leno. Believe me when I tell y'all this one is can't-miss!Matthew's book, Greenlights, is available NOW! Pick it up by clicking here: and be sure to let him know what you thought of the episode by saying howdy over at instagram: you hear our HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT at the end of the show? My brand new show, Your Fave's Faves, is coming November 18th! You can subscribe now and be the first to get new episodes when the show premieres. Matthew will be one of our first guests, plus a bunch of other names I still can't quite believe. The show will be a little educational, a little emotional, and always pee-your-pants funny! Be the first to sign up by clicking one of the links below:Click to subscribe on Apple! to subscribe on Spotify! to subscribe on Stitcher! you on the 18th!--Look: we've all either been through it, are currently going through it, or will go through it. That's just how life is: once you think you've got it all figured out, it hits you with something you never saw coming. Grief? Check. Divorce? Check. Global pandemic? Uh, CHECK! That's why I wrote a new book all about conquering hard things and coming out the other side a better, stronger you. It's called Didn't See That Coming, and it's available for pre-order here: RISE App is finally HERE y'all and it's got everything you could ever want in a health and wellness app. Fully customizable workouts? Check? Nature hikes? Check. Gratitude practice? Check. Meditation with a healthy dose of humor? Check! We designed this app to be for EVERY BODY on every type of wellness journey, and it would mean so much to us if you gave it a shot. Search "The RISE App by Rachel Hollis" in your app store or follow this link for iPhone users to get started today! ->

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