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127: What Was Your Best Moment of 2019? (Mailbag Episode)

127: What Was Your Best Moment of 2019? (Mailbag Episode)

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - December 31, 2019 - 43:57

Rachel and Dave are away for the holidays, so to close out the year we're bringing you guys a very special episode of the podcast, featuring a mix of community voicemails as well as wins and lessons from some of the faces here at HoCo. You'll hear from our Lead Product Designer Dani on how she designed the covers for our new priority planners, our Head of Events Shelly on flipping from RISE Minneapolis to RISE Dallas on a moment's notice, our Head of Product RC on the ins and outs of shipping overseas, our Head of Production and Development Cameron on learning how not to be a "partner pleaser", and our CFO Kristen on the moment she knew she could get comfortable being uncomfortable.--Rachel Hollis is throwing a Women’s conference? Yes! And it’s an amazing girl’s weekend filled with dancing and laughter and learning?? Yes! AND IT”S ON HER BIRTHDAY?! Y’all. If you haven’t yet bought your tickets for RISE Ft Myers, what in the world are you waiting for? Start this decade off right with a three-day weekend designed to help you let go of your past, embrace your present, and set out into your future. Terrace tickets are still available, get yours NOW!Listen up ladies: you were made for more. And in 2020, you're gonna start making real, tactical, visible changes in your life to start capturing and transforming that potential. If you'd like to change your life, if you'd like to get armed with the tools you need to make PROFOUND IMPACT on your relationship, your family, your business, your health, then you need to attend one of our RISE weekends. We are going international in 2020 in order to reach as many women as we possibly can, so check out this link to plan your weekend TODAY.Lastly, if you are looking to add gratitude + goal-setting in your life then head to our shop to grab your Start Today Journal here--

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