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211: RESILIENCE | Part 2: Understanding Your Power

211: RESILIENCE | Part 2: Understanding Your Power

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - September 9, 2021 - 28:36

Wow, you guys, your response to Part 1 of this Resilience series was incredible and I am so excited to bring you a Part 2 this week. Last week I talked about this first step, the first thing we need when we're thinking about resilience, which is the ability to bounce back. How to make peace with what is, the good and the bad, and that is all about Mindset. This week is all about power. How to apply a new perspective to your past, to all the things you've lived through, to show yourself the amazing power you have in this world. You are strong, and you have a history of examples to show you that. I hope this helps you step into your power.--Have you heard about the HOTLINE yet? Call (737) 400-HOCO, and press 1 to leave a question for Rach. Press 2 to share your story about the Hollis Company - it can be about your Start Today Journal, attending a RISE conference, coaching, or anything you want! We can't wait to hear from you ;)

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