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141: How to Choose Joy (Yes, Even Today) with Gretchen Rubin

141: How to Choose Joy (Yes, Even Today) with Gretchen Rubin

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - April 7, 2020 - 51:41

Gretchen Rubin is always such a pleasure to have on the podcast, and this week her wisdom felt like a gift from above. Gretchen and I connected over Skype to talk about Choosing Joy - which means finding nuggets of happiness even when it feels awkward, even when it makes you feel guilty, even when every fiber of your being just wants to hide under the covers until it's all over. You can be a responsible, caring citizen of the world AND still choose joy for yourself and your family during this hard season. Gretchen has the tools and strategies to do just that, and it's all in this week's episode.Make sure you're following Gretchen on instagram @gretchenrubin for all the things related to her bestselling books and her Four Tendencies quiz. Also, if you haven't heard her previous episode of RISE, click here to listen to episode 106 about mindset.This week is Joy Week in our #Next90DaysChallenge! Want the full 45 minute course on joy absolutely free? Just go to and enter your email to access all fourteen weeks of courses, plus a whole lot more.--Do you have a question for Rachel? Wanna share your work from home stories, or have a question about what to do as you move through hard things? Give us a call! Seriously! Call (737) 400-HOCO, and press 1 to leave a question for Rach or Dave (or both). Press 2 to share a story about your journey - it can be about your Start Today Journal, attending a RISE conference, coaching, or anything you want!The best part? You only have to share your name and voice if you want to? Let us know when you leave your message and we'll take care of the rest.We can't wait to hear from you ;)--Straight Up with Trent Shelton drops new episodes EVERY WEDNESDAY! Trent brings honest, raw, life-changing wisdom straight from his heart to your ears on a weekly basis. His style is so unique, his message so powerful, we just KNOW this is going to be your new must-listen podcast. Subscribe to Straight Up with Trent Shelton on iTunes, Google, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts by clicking here -> hey you, yeah - you! Have you heard? We're doing a brand new challenge, and it's called #Next90Days. Who will you be 90 days from now? How do you want to show up for your life in that time? Head on over to to learn the deets and get started.Dave's first-ever book, Get Out Of Your Own Way, is OUT NOW! This book is for everyone, and we mean EVERYONE: women who loved Girl Wash Your Face, men who did or didn't read Girl Wash Your Face, personal development skeptics, personal development devotees, anyone and everyone who has a life and knows it could maybe get a little better if they could just get out of their own dang way! LET'S GOOOOOO! ->

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