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115: Fighting to Get In the Room with Phoebe Robinson

115: Fighting to Get In the Room with Phoebe Robinson

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - September 24, 2019 - 51:18

This week I had the unbelievable pleasure of sitting down with podcast queen and comedian Phoebe Robinson to talk about the struggle of getting your foot in the door so you can hold it open for the women who come after you. Real talk: it's a struggle out there for us women to be seen as valuable storytellers and entrepreneurs, and that's why it is so, so, SO important for us to lift each other up whenever we can. We also talk about Jason Momoa, in case you were worried this episode got too heavy.Phoebe Robinson is a stand-up comedian, actress, podcaster, and the author of the New York Times best-seller You Can’t Touch My Hair and Other Things I Still Have to Explain. She is best known as the co-creator and co-star of the hit WNYC Studios podcast 2 Dope Queens, which was turned into four one-hour, critically-acclaimed HBO specials. Her sophomore book Everything's Trash, But It’s Okay was published by Dutton on October 16, 2018.Catch Phoebe on tour!--If you liked this zany, messy, totally real conversation then you'll love the Start Today Morning Show - a weekday morning show that absolutely not one person is talking about. The Start Today Morning Show with Rach and Dave returns Monday August 26th and streams LIVE Monday through Friday at 8am CST, but if you can't catch the stream, we have amazing news for you: the show is now also a podcast! That's right, subscribe now and get each day's episode delivered to you so you can listen whenever you want. It's like magic!Listen, I get it! I spent years struggling to grow and scale my small business, desperate for the knowledge that would help me grow my profit and be a better leader for my team and my family. After attending countless business conferences over the years and speaking at even more I became aware of something that was missing. I wanted to create a business conference that was TACTICAL and INSPIRING. I wanted attendees to leave feeling UNSTOPPABLE and EMPOWERED by all of the new tools in their tool kit. That's why I created the RISE Business Conference. I am positive this conference will be the most impactful event I’ve ever done because when someone learns to successfully grow their business, it changes their lives --and their families lives-- for generations. Over 4,500 men and women have already booked their seats at our last event of 2019, get yours today --->, if you are looking to add gratitude + goal-setting in your life then head to our shop to grab your Start Today Journal here--

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