80: The Hard Things That Will Throw You Off-Course (And How To Fight Them)

80: The Hard Things That Will Throw You Off-Course (And How To Fight Them)

80: The Hard Things That Will Throw You Off-Course (And How To Fight Them)

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - January 22, 2019 - 1:03:50

Hey friends, today on Rise I’m sharing a keynote speech I gave during the Growth.com Summit. If you haven’t had a chance to hear what I sound like on stage, or even what a motivational speaker sounds like, this (which is one of my favorite keynotes) will give you a look inside one of these events. In this keynote, I talk about authenticity, staying on-course when life throws you curveballs, and how to stop comparing yourself to others. Check out Growth.com for more!Exciting news: Rachel is launching a coaching series! If you loved this episode, you'll also love her two live monthly classes. Life coaching, for those looking to improve in their relationships, health, and personal life, and business coaching, for growing a revenue base, finding new clients, and marketing effectively. Find out more about the coaching series and how you can be a part of it ---> thehollisco.com/coachingIf you missed out on tickets for Rise Weekend x Minneapolis, don’t worry! We just announced a second Rise Weekend in 2019, this time just outside of Dallas, Texas on July 18-20th. Get tickets to the newest RISE Weekend in July —-> TheHollisCo.com

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