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196: Navigating Grief - with Minnie Driver

196: Navigating Grief - with Minnie Driver

The Rachel Hollis Podcast - June 15, 2021 - 43:02

This is a super special episode of the podcast, guys. I had an incredible conversation with Minnie Driver that I had to share with you guys - and we talk about EVERYTHING from our kids, to our careers, and how to cope with all the moving parts that it takes to be a momma and run a media company. Minnie shares her thoughts about what we all went through last year and some of the hidden good; what there was to be learned by slowing down.Check out Minnie Driver's work here! Fave's Faves is available now! I love to creating a little room for joy and that's why I called up as many celebrities as I could and asked them, "what are your five favorite things, ANY category. You're not going to believe what they told me. Actors, musicians, athletes, influencers, gamers, y'all! They're all here and they've all got five things to share. Subscribe now! -> out our latest limited series podcast, Talking Body with Amy Porterfield! Amy has experienced massive success in both her business and personal life, but behind every accomplishment lingered a nagging suspicion that she wasn’t living up to some invisible standard of how she should look. Now she’s on a mission to discover exactly where that little voice inside her head came from, and - together with some new friends and fresh perspectives - how she can vanquish it once and for all. New episodes premiere every Monday. Click here to subscribe ->

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