The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter

Episode 48: Adam Mosseri

Episode 48: Adam Mosseri

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter - March 19, 2021 - 57:39

Adam Mosseri certainly doesn’t shy away from challenges. It’s one of the aspects of his personality that led him to the top as head of Instagram. But along with that position also comes the added responsibility of facing the tough issues and difficult questions that accompany the social media giant. And he doesn't shrink. In this wide ranging interview, Mosseri tackles all the tough questions and more as he digs deep into subjects such as his desire to work at FaceBook so early in the social media game, managing the threat of mis-information and fake news on his platform, keeping a handle on the absolute power and influence that Instagram possesses, and much more.RUNDOWN JJ and and Adam recall the last time they hung out and the incredible meal they had Adam breaks down his career path and what led him to this point Discusses his early years at FaceBook What as it about FaceBook that made him want to work there so badly At what point did he realize FB was becoming the monster company it would eventually be What lessons did he learn from the Trump years to get a better handle on mis-information and fake news In this opinion, where has Silicon Valley gone astray in terms of culture or a disconnect with normal American life How does he train his employees not to abuse the power that Instagram wields How much time and focus is spent on the ‘bad actors’ of Instagram On the challenges of walking into a new situation at IG with the two founders leaving upon his arrival Adam asks JJ how leadership qualities translate onto an NBA team and who are the ones exercising those techniques How wary does he have to be in making changes to the platform and avoid rocking the boat What’s his approach to handling the delicate balance of “likes” and features of that nature that can negatively effect today’s youth How hard is it for him to detach from social media If someone was to pick up his IG feed, what would they find out about him On the IG or FaceBook “life" that is portrayed through the platforms On the popularity of IG in the NBA because of it versatility Leadership advice from the man himself

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