The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter

Episode 50: Collin Sexton and Tyrese Haliburton

Episode 50: Collin Sexton and Tyrese Haliburton

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter - March 31, 2021 - 1:20:38

This is a special episode of the Old Man & The Three for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s episode #50! A big shout out to the OM3 listeners for taking this journey with us - many more to come! As for the show itself, JJ starts things off by answering the bell and addressing the big news of his trade to the Dallas Mavericks. Much more to this story than meets the eye obviously, and JJ covers it all. To follow that up, we have two spectacular guests on the show this week in Collin Sexton and Tyrese Haliburton. Sexton, as you’ll come to find out, brings his ‘A’ game because… well that’s what he’s always done - even going back to when he was young a boy asking his mom for an alarm clock so he can practice basketball early. Oh, did we mention he was probably around 7 when that happened? You see where this is going. And Tyrese as you all know, is the OM3 NBA correspondent and brings his usual honesty, humor, humility, as well as some great stories from the floor. Always a must listen. It’s a can’t miss episode from top to bottom. RUNDOWNCollin Sexton Collin begins by breaking down what happened during his “3 on 5” game in college Did that game give him the confidence he needed going into his freshman year The guys talk about Avery Bradley and his “distinctive” voice Breaking down Collin’s many viral moments Where do his intensity and competitiveness come from Talks about his maniacal approach to prep and training and whether it helped him when he got to the league How the amount of prep naturally has to wane a bit during the season to avoid burnout On his awkward pre-draft workouts with the Cavs after they lost the finals Takes a reflective look back at his draft class On the skill level of incoming players as compared to years past Discussion about him deserving to be an all star Was it difficult coming into the league and playing on a losing team after always winning On the Cavs playing up to their competition and taking down some of the league's elite teams Does he feel he has learned how to lead at this level and has he taken to the leadership role On the importance of playing with - and learning from - the vets of the league Tyrese Haliburton Talks about the current hot streak the Kings are on and his role Breaks down his tandem attack with De’Aaron Fox On his high level of play during this streak How De'Aaron Fox has taken his game to new heights Breaks down his “Aquafina" incident with Harrison Barnes On the incredible rush of a buzzer beater Discuss the many great qualities of Alvin Gentry Has he hit any sort of rookie wall JJ and Tyrese talk about feeling validated by getting a Dame retweet

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