The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter

Episode 56: Channing Frye and Kenny Beecham

Episode 56: Channing Frye and Kenny Beecham

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter - May 7, 2021 - 1:18:32

It’s a double shot of awesome on the Old Man and the Three as JJ and Tommy welcome in two special guests. Leading things off is former NBA player and current winemaker and connoisseur Channing Frye, who joins the guys for another spectacular EAT PRAY DUNK segment. They take deep dives into wine, NBA “connectors”, retirement, his podcast, and more. Then the show switches gears for the Top 5/Draft by welcoming in the NBA’s #1 fan, YouTube legend, host of the "Called Game" podcast, and House of Highlights star Kenny Beecham. He touches on how his YouTube stardom all began, what it’s been like being a Bulls fan the last 20 years, the NBA ‘play-in’ games, and much more. Then they roll into the draft, which is: "The Top 5 fictional offices you’d like to work in”. RUNDOWNChanning FryeThe guys talk about how each of their respective podcasts have outlasted many and are still going strongJJ and Channing discuss the disgust of hearing their own voices Channing does a deep dive into his own wine company and how it all startedHow a big part of enjoying wine is the story behind the bottleThe surprise behind meeting all of these winemakers is how much they love hoopsChanning discusses how he came upon the rabbit hole of wine and how it really started when he went to the CavsHow wine is a great connector among friends and teammatesJJ and Channing break down how important connectors are on teams and call out a few standoutsIs being a connector for a team exhaustingHow quickly did retirement for him become normal and how long did the transition takeOn the importance of a structured day for someone facing retirementChanning’s favorite random restaurant that he can’t missKenny BeechamHow it all got started for himWhen did his career in media take the proverbial leap to the next levelWhat makes the YouTube community so uniqueHow he became an NBA fanOn the misery of being a Bulls fan for the last 20 yearsHow JJ almost landed on the bullsHow he became such a great interviewerOn an average day, how much NBA does he watchHas it been weird to watch the NBA as a fan this yearAre the play-in games worth it for the overall productWho are the players that he watches the mostOn who should win the MVP this yearIf there was anything he could change about the NBA, what would it beTOP 5/Draft: Top 5 fictional offices to work in

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