The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter

Episode 54: Jrue Holiday

Episode 54: Jrue Holiday

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter - April 23, 2021 - 1:12:28

Jrue Holiday is a basketball star, plain and simple. He offers an all-around game and leads the defensive charge for the Bucks by anchoring their league leading defense with his lockdown abilities. But with all that being said, Jrue is so much more than just an incredible athlete. He gives back. He gives back to the community, his teammates, his family, and the game. He acknowledges and understands how lucky he is to be playing the game he loves and displays a rare sense of humbleness and empathy that few can match. All of this is on display during this spectacular interview where he covers everything from the recent Derek Chauvin verdict, to battling Covid, his close relationship with JJ, and the importance of family and community. RUNDOWN Jrue expresses his feeling concerning the Derek Chauvin verdict On his dedication and passion towards giving back to the community and supporting black business owners What he would like to see from the league to help on these matters On the challenge of helping change people’s lives in the best way possible The importance of bringing economic empowerment to low income communities After everything that has happened over the last year plus, does he see basketball in a different light On the difficulty of this year’s NBA schedule and how the public and media don't fully understand the wear and tear the players are going through What is was like coming back from Covid and how tough the journey was How remarkable it is that his numbers are better after his Covid diagnosis than before On missing the crowds and packed arenas How this is not the real NBA experience and how the young stars still haven’t experienced the real deal Has there been a secret ingredient to his success this year Reliving a JJ explosion in the locker room How does being on the court with Giannis improve his game Breaking down what a freak of nature Giannis is and what he can accomplish On the confidence he has in starting every game with three of the best defenders in the league on the court Does he take pride in hearing other players compliment his defense As someone who is a top defender, what does he do when someone like Dame or Steph gets in there ‘zone’ Does he care about the awards and accolades - or lack thereof On his contract and coming to the the Bucks The thrill of playing on a contending team and being counted on to do what you do best On being able to only play for a finite amount of time and enjoying your life

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