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Episode 104: Willie Green (Coaching Series #3)

Episode 104: Willie Green (Coaching Series #3)

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter - March 15, 2022 - 46:39

Some people are just made for certain jobs. They meet the criteria so well that it just seems like a perfect fit. To go a step further, often times others who are close to this person can see the scenario playing out even before the individual can see it him or herself. And if you were to ask JJ directly, he'd likely admit that he knew Willie Green belonged in the NBA coaching ranks probably before Willie did. In this third installment of the OM3 Coaching Series, you find out how it all came to be. Going back through the years when JJ and Willie used to play hypothetical NBA GM's, it was pretty obvious that Green had a place in the game after his playing days were over. And that's just what he's done, as he's weathered the New Orleans Pelicans through a potentially disastrous 1-12 start to the season, all the way to a potential 'Play-In Tournament" appearance. Along the way he has garnered a whole lot of respect, admiration, and a few "Coach of the Year" rumblings as well. Pretty impressive for a guy who seems to be just getting started.

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