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Episode 42: Julius Randle (featuring Kevin Love)

Episode 42: Julius Randle (featuring Kevin Love)

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter - February 19, 2021 - 1:03:16

Julius Randle is known league wide as someone who doesn't take plays off, a tireless worker, and a very underrated player. But that last narrative might be changing a bit this year as he is enjoying the finest season of his career, leading the Knicks to a surprising 6th seed position in the east. In this humble and honest interview, Julius digs deep into such topics as what it's like playing for Tom Thibodeau and how he's helped change the culture in NY, how he mentally worked through his season ending injury in his rookie year, on developing his 3 point shot, playing with Kobe during his last year, and much more. It's easy to see why he's such a respected player around the league. Then, to cap things off, JJ and Tommy welcome in close friend of the pod Kevin Love for the Top5/Draft. **Important note: The new segment "Eat, Pray, Dunk" will be premiering on Monday with Kevin Love as the first guest. You absolutely will want to hear that conversation so be sure to listen. RUNDOWNJulius Randle​ Would he say that the Knicks have exceeded his expectations this year Discusses what it's like playing for Tom Thibodeau What is it about the young guys that have flourished under his coaching The difficulty of not getting reps this year due to lack of practice On craving the detailed preparation that Thibs brings and how he has welcomed it How being prepared has translated into confidence From a mental standpoint, how did he deal with coming to the NBA and losing after winning so much in college Discusses his mindset after suffering a broken leg on opening night of his rookie season On making the hurdle of getting back to real game motion after an injury Is this career year he's having due to the coaching, him just getting better, or both Is there a feeling of vindication with him having such a great year What's the "no fan" MSG experience been like On dealing with the media in the major markets he has played in Discusses the young talent that was on those laker teams in his early years in LA On developing his 3 point shot and how he cultivated that skill The genius of Fred Vincent as a shooting coach How important footwork is to a successful shot and did he learn anything from Kobe On the viral video of his son's peewee basketball tackle. Talks about Kobe's last year and what memories stand out On Kobe's last game How Knick fans are looking for hope Gives his take on D-Rose and what a great teammate he is and how hard he works His thoughts on Immanuel Quickley​ What it would mean for him to make the All-Star Game this year *** TOP 5/Draft with Kevin Love

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