The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter

Episode 46: Zion Williamson

Episode 46: Zion Williamson

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter - March 3, 2021 - 57:20

Each era of the NBA has its transcendent players. The type of players that change the game simply by the manner in which they play, using their extreme talent to force opponents to change their approach. Can Zion Williamson be one of those players? Well, he's certainly on his way. In just his second season, he already has seasoned vets shaking their heads at the sheer talent and confidence he exudes on the court. And this week he sits down with JJ and Tommy and shows why he's just as impressive off the court as he is on it. He opens up about about several personal topics, including his feelings towards all the accolades and praise he has received so far, what it means to be named an all star, dealing with negative comments on social media, his progression as a player, and much more. **Note: there is no TOP 5/Draft in this episode. But tune in next week for an extra special draft with two guests that is easily one of the craziest OM3 drafts so far. RUNDOWN• What's it's like to be named an all-star• Does he set goals for himself• Does he pay attention to the accolades and records that he's set this season• Did he have any other plans for all-star weekend (dunk contest??)• Has he spoken to B.I. about not making the ASG• Talk about players who got snubbed • Discusses the improvement in Lonzo Ball's game• Dealing with negative comments on social media• Breaks down his progression as a player• Talking some X's and O's about the N.O. offense• At what point in high school did he get his handle• Talk about the viral video of the small kid fouling Zion in HS• Who are some of the people he has really enjoyed playing against• How the superstars can make good defense moot• What parts of his game does he feel needs improvement• On working with Fred Vinson on his shot• Looks back at his 17 in a row against the Spurs in his first game• Does he feel the game is different without fans• Has this season been more fun for him • Is he following the Top Shot mania right now• JJ asks Zion about his poetry skills

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