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Episode 31: Swin Cash and Marques Brownlee

Episode 31: Swin Cash and Marques Brownlee

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter - December 16, 2020 - 1:09:43

It's double the pleasure on today's OM3 pod as JJ and Tommy start things off with the incredibly impressive Swin Cash, the current vice president of basketball operations and team development for the New Orleans Pelicans. The hoops legend takes us through her journey to the NBA, her Hall of Fame career, what was it like playing for Gino Auriemma, the challenges of dealing with NBA players, and more. Following that, the guys welcome in the planet's hottest tech reviewer Marques Brownlee - as well as professional ultimate frisbee player - to give us the lowdown on whether the perfect tech product exists, and also breaks down why his videos are so popular. Lastly, he joins JJ and Tommy in a TOP 5/Draft that focuses on tech gadgets we all wish were real. So grab you Jet-Pack and join in.RUNDOWNSwin Cash ​On her first impressions of SVG The difference between good coaches and great coaches On dealing with superstar talents who push the envelope What was it like playing for Gino Auriemma and what's his secret Discusses practicing against the top level talent at UCONN and how it translated to games On the generational connection with past and future UCONN players - both men and women What is her hope for the Pelicans this year Was the opportunity to build a culture down in N.O. a reason for coming On playing a pivotal leadership role within the organization On what drove her to play basketball Reflects on the accomplishment of making the women's HOF and being nominated for the Naismith HOF What has surprised her the most about working with NBA players on a daily basis ​Marques Brownlee What makes his videos so popular and why do they connect with the public so well Where and how did he obtain all of his tech information Is there a perfect tech product out there TOP 5/Draft Talks about the Pro Frisbee Football league he is in Breaks down what is so great about YouTube

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