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Episode 76: Michael Porter Jr (featuring Sue Bird)

Episode 76: Michael Porter Jr (featuring Sue Bird)

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter - September 17, 2021 - 1:06:10

Michael Porter Jr. has always had the talent and drive to dominate with the ball in his hands, but injuries sometimes have a way of being the equalizer on whether or not that talent translates to success on the court. Well, it seems any questions that might have lingered have been put to rest as MPJ has taken his game to a new level over the last two seasons. And in this interview, it’s easy to see why as he speaks well beyond his years and touches on both the difficulties and successes he has encountered on his hoops journey. Following that up, JJ and Tommy welcome in OM3 correspondent and favorite Sue Bird to tackle another Top5/Draft. This may be the one that gets JJ off his recent slide as Tommy reaches for some highly questionable picks, putting the onus on Sue to come through in the clutch. Who knows how it will play out. RUNDOWNOn how great Denver and its fans areWhat was his motivation to start his own podcast ON the atmosphere of playing the bubble last yearHow his game took a leap during that time. What clickedDoes he look back at the bubble as his turning pointDiscusses playing on the same AAU team with Trae Young in High School On having the freedom to play the game your wayWhen did feel playing the NBA was a possibilityWith all the talent in his family, what were those backyard games likeOn former players telling AAU players that most of them won’t make itIf he were in high school now, would his decision be to go to college or somewhere elseOn what it was like being home schooledHow he dealt with the injuries he suffered along the wayWhat was draft night like dealing with the unknown because of his injuryWhat was his first impression of Nikola JokicTOP 5/DRAFT with Sue Bird“Top 5 fictional bands or musicians you would want to see in concert"

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