The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter

Episode 75: Blake Griffin

Episode 75: Blake Griffin

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter - September 10, 2021 - 1:03:33

It’s been a long time coming but JJ and Tommy accomplished two important things with this particular interview. One, they finally got everyone together in the same room. And two, they got Blake Griffin on the show. In this spectacular interview, Blake sits down for an intimate and honest discussion on several topics, including his years teaming up with JJ on the Clippers, his evolution as a basketball player, his move to the Nets and the pressure that comes with having all that talent, his confrontations with refs, battling injuries and so much more. It’s a can’t miss OM3 pod.RUNDOWN JJ tells a story about an incredible golf feat that Blake pulled offDiscusses his new obsession with golfThe guys talk about how sometimes it’s ok to be an assholeOn his battles and confrontations with refsOn his decision to leave Detroit and join the NetsWhat were his thoughts about the level of talent when arriving to the NetsWhy is it so acrimonious when I player leaves a teamWhat years does he feel were his peak in the NBAHow he evolved his game over the yearsDoes he think those Clippers teams he and JJ were on were good to win it allBreaking down the “throw and go” technique and the effect it had on their gamesDoes he feel his intelligence as a player gets overlooked because of his athleticism. How the Nets playoff run was doomed by injuriesConcerning this upcoming season, does he feel that if they can just stay healthy they’ll win it allHave the injuries ever put him in a dark place mentallyOn the insanity of social media and how stories (or non-stories) blow upWhat’s next with his comedy aspirations

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