The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter

Episode 44: Kenan Thompson (featuring Tyrese Haliburton)

Episode 44: Kenan Thompson (featuring Tyrese Haliburton)

The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter - February 25, 2021 - 1:00:43

It's a very special episode of the Old Man and the Three this week as JJ and Tommy kick the show off by welcoming in Tyrese Haliburton as their new NBA correspondent. Wise beyond his years, Tyrese will be reporting in to the show often to discuss news and notes around the NBA and, of course, to give his unique take on what's going on behind the scenes. Then, the episode makes a shift to the lighter side when the hilarious SNL legend and new sitcom star Kenan Thompson joins in. Kenan details the quirks behind the SNL curtain and takes a deep dive into his career and how far he has come. He also gives the breakdown of his brand new show on NBC called "Kenan". Then, as if that isn't enough, we go back to Tyrese for the TOP 5 / Draft. It's a packed show that you will not want to miss. RUNDOWN​Tyrese Haliburton JJ and Tommy welcome Tyrese into the OM3 family as they announce him as their new NBA correspondent The guys discuss JJ's ejection and JJ clarifies what really went down The discussion shifts to the explosion in popularity of Top Shots and collectables as a whole Break down of Tyrese's play of late and how the game is slowing down for him Tyrese lists off some more 'welcome to the NBA' moments​ ​Kenan Thompson Talks about his new show and how it came about The differences between doing a sitcom and performing on SNL What's his game day routine on Saturdays Was it hard to adjust to the late nights and when did his body got used to that schedule Did he ever think he would be doing this for 18 years What were his feelings about appearing on SNL for the first time Who are favorite people to do impressions of Keenan does some impressions Does he ever get starstruck on set Is there a role from his early acting career that people bring ups all the time His reaction to Lorne Michaels saying he's the one guy he can always count on What is it that keeps him locked in and coming back for more How does he measure whether or not a segment hits What happens when a sketch is just not working Have there been cast members that have come in where he knew immediately they were just going to kill Was Jimmy Fallon the worst at keeping a straight face during a sketch Is there a moment where the sketch just went so far off the rails it was out of control What celebrity host stands out in his mind for doing a great job Where do his sports loyalties lie How does it work with the whole free celebrity tickets TOP 5 / Draft with Tyrese

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