High Strange - E1: The Pale Blue Dot

High Strange - E1: The Pale Blue Dot

High Strange - E1: The Pale Blue Dot

Radio Rental - March 30, 2023 - 44:21

In his new limited series, Investigative podcast host, Payne Lindsey (Up and Vanished, Atlanta Monster), aims to separate fact from fiction when it comes to UFO sightings, and the strange happenings way up high. In the last few years, dozens of Navy pilots have come forward with video evidence of objects in the sky that defy our understanding of physics. The Pentagon has since confirmed the validity of these accounts and stated, “We don’t know what they are.” Attempting to break the stigma surrounding the topic of UFOs, Lindsey shines light on real-life coverups, and infamous cases, all while leaving the tinfoil hat at the door. Do you want to believe? From Tenderfoot TV in association with Cadence13, this is High Strange.Episode release every Thursday, but if you want to binge the whole season right now, subscribe to Tenderfoot+. Members get all episodes ad-free plus bonus content throughout the season. Sign up at apple.co/highstrange. For Spotify, Google, and other Android users, visit tenderfootplus.com.Follow along on social media and the web @highstrange

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