Pulling The Thread with Elise Loehnen

Women, Food & Hormones (Sara Gottfried, M.D.)

Women, Food & Hormones (Sara Gottfried, M.D.)

Pulling The Thread with Elise Loehnen - October 14, 2021 - 59:49

Our guest today is Dr. Sara Gottfried - a Harvard educated doctor, scientist, researcher, mother, and seeker with 25 years of experience practicing precision, functional, and integrative medicine. Gottfried specializes in root cause analysis, as she firmly believes that the greatest health transformations unfold when you address the root cause of illness, not simply the signs. She is the author of three New York Times best selling books focused on healing our cells, and our souls. Today we discuss her most recent book Women, Food, and Hormones. Yes, we talked about all of those things, but we also explored the culture of weight and wellness, and why the scale is not always a predictor of our health. She took us through the intricacies of our metabolic function, and we together questioned whether the “perfect” body we have in our head even matches the body that allows us to function at our best. As she explains: “I feel like women are stuck. They're stuck between diet culture, which I think many of us reject this idea that we're supposed to be thinner, obedient, smaller, take up less space and have these unrealistic standards for how we're supposed to look. And then we also have the fat acceptance movement. And what I like to do is to position myself in the middle where the focus is on metabolic health.” She walks us through her protocol for hormone balance, opening up detoxification pathways, and even gives us a script for talking to our doctors and regaining agency when it comes to our health. Gottfried implores us to remember that we are deserving of support at any age, and that righteous indignation when it comes to our health can move mountains. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS:Discussion of Diet Culture & Body Positivity: Approx. 5:24Metabolic Health: Approx. 9:40Importance of Testosterone for Women: Approx. 19:31Wearables: Approx. 23:48The Ketogenic Diet for Women: Approx. 28:34Detox: Approx. 38:42Discussion of Courageous Conversations with Doctors: Approx. 49:54MORE FROM SARA GOTTFRIED, M.D.:Women, Food, and HormonesDr. Sara Gottfried’s WebsiteDutch Hormone Test

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