Pulling The Thread with Elise Loehnen

Why Do We Suffer? (Carissa Schumacher)

Why Do We Suffer? (Carissa Schumacher)

Pulling The Thread with Elise Loehnen - May 19, 2022 - 1:06:01

"If you are in a Western life and, and are designed as an empath or a spiritual being that feels things very deeply, it is important for you to hold and maintain your peace and to send, to usher that energy to others that may be experiencing pain and suffering at any given time. If you were in a period in your life in which you are in pain or suffering, would you want everyone else in the world to be suffering along with you? Probably not. If you were sick, you wouldn't want all of your family members to be miserable and sad, just because you're feeling sick. You would want people to be in their peace. You would want people to hold that energy of joy, because that is what creates healing, energy and meaning and purpose."So says Carissa Schumacher. This is Carissa’s second visit to Pulling the Thread, and I highly recommend listening to that introductory conversation if you’re new to Carissa’s work. Otherwise, buckle your seat belt! In this conversation, Carissa and I dive into many of Yeshua’s recent transmissions including the necessity of moving empathy into compassion, the essential nature of suffering, the difference between purpose and vehicle, and the universal nature of intuition. We cover a lot of ground.I also wanted to tell you that due to popular demand, Carissa is going to lead a study group for her and Yeshua’s book, THE FREEDOM TRANSMISSIONS, an essential read if you haven’t yet picked up a book. This is going to be an online, four-day journey in June, with some visits from special friends, including Yeshua. I will be in the group to help facilitate the conversation, and hope to see you there. Carissa just put up a website, finally, where you can find all the information you need about her, Yeshua, The Freedom Transmissions book, journeys, and sessions. It is at THE SPIRIT TRANSMISSIONS DOT COM. Information about the online journey in June is also there!MORE FROM CARISSA SCHUMACHER:THE FREEDOM TRANSMISSIONSCARISSA SCHUMACHER’S WEBSITE

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