Pulling The Thread with Elise Loehnen

Manifesting What We Actually Want (Lacy Phillips)

Manifesting What We Actually Want (Lacy Phillips)

Pulling The Thread with Elise Loehnen - March 3, 2022 - 52:55

"When I would witness somebody that I identify with in whatever capacity of what I'm calling in, have, what I want or are successful in what I would like to be successful in. Um, or, you know, they are on that path to what I'm shooting for. I really realize that that would actually be tremendously more effective for my subconscious to go, oh, if they could do that or if they are doing that, I can as well. So beyond all, all of the visualizing I did back in the day until I was blue in the face, this would speed things up and make it really rapid," says Lacy Phillips, my guest today - a global manifestation expert and speaker and founder of To Be Magnetic. Lacy presents a unique manifestation formula, rooted in basic psychology, neuroscience, and her energetic gifts. Lacy’s manifestation formula is not your typical "think positive" and "visualize" method, but rather, she is known for a much deeper and more therapeutic response that requires clearing subconscious blocks first—only then, can you begin to call in and work toward what you most desire. Lacy offers a comprehensive digital workshop program called The Pathway, along with an excellent podcast, EXPANDED. I highly recommend tuning in. Today, she shares with us the secrets of her manifestation success, as we discuss everything from identifying our sticky subconscious beliefs to reading our nervous system and its readiness for change to how to respond to tests on the way to rediscovering our authentic, worthy self. Lacy tells us that seeing is believing when it comes to manifestation, and encourages us to search for ‘expanders’ - individuals, real or fictitious, who broaden our concept of reality. She challenges us to turn our envy towards those who have what we want, using them as proof positive, that what we want is not only possible, but achievable. Everyone is being offered a ticket on the manifestation train, she assures us, it is just a matter of whether we choose to get on. EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: The three pieces of manifestation… Resolving our sticky subconscious beliefs… Finding your expanders… Aligned action and being tested… MORE FROM LACY PHILLIPS:To Be Magnetic - curated by Lacy PhillipsListen to Lacy’s podcast, EXPANDED, on Spotify and Apple PodcastsFollow To Be Magnetic on Instagram and TwitterFollow Lacy on Instagram

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