Pulling The Thread with Elise Loehnen

Living Without Lying (Martha Beck, PhD)

Living Without Lying (Martha Beck, PhD)

Pulling The Thread with Elise Loehnen - April 7, 2022 - 1:00:10

“I’ve won arm wrestles with big muscular men, right out of prison because you align the energy. Everything wants to harmonize with it and things start to flow with you and it's silent and it's, it's quiet, it's gentle, but it's incredibly powerful. The strength you can access when you're in a state of integrity. So as that starts to grow, we're seeing the Putins and we're seeing the Trumps because they are so freaking loud. And we don't even know that in the silence all over the world, there's another power rising and rising and rising and looking at what's happening in Ukraine and looking at the atrocities and saying, okay, we're not going, we're not gonna do this anymore.” So says Martha Beck, a Harvard-trained sociologist and life coach who is the author of many incredible books, including the just-released, WAY OF INTEGRITY, an Oprah bookclub pick that just might change your life. Martha describes integrity as that sense of wholeness that we can all tap into when we are aligned and attuned to our true selves on the deepest level. It is from that place that we feel unrestricted and safe—like we are at one with the world and each other, and that we no longer feel compelled to control our own behavior in order to earn acceptance and belonging. It is a place of strength, freedom, and radical honesty.The book, which is a mixture of memoir, anecdotes from her own, fascinating practice, research, and worksheets, uses Dante’s Inferno as a guide to healing. As with any heroic quest, you must go down before you can go up, and Martha walks you there, hand-in-hand until you reach the place of Satori, or enlightenment, which is really another word for the state of integrity. If you can’t tell, I really loved this book–and I loved our conversation.EPISODE HIGHLIGHTS: The same proof from different angles… White lies, gray lies, black lies… Being torn apart to become awake… Breaking free from the golden chains… MORE FROM MARTHA BECK:The Way of Integrity: Finding the Path to Your True SelfRead Martha's Other WorkMartha's WebsiteMartha Beck - Think Like a Wayfinder MasterclassMartha's TedTalk - The Four Technologies of MagicFollow Martha on Twitter and Instagram

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