Predicting the Rest of Cavs-Celtics, What the Suns Should do with the First Overall Pick, and Which Warrior Would...

Predicting the Rest of Cavs-Celtics, What the Suns Should do with the First Overall Pick, and Which Warrior Would You Build Around?

Pull Up with CJ McCollum - May 22, 2018 - 49:49

On this week's show, CJ and Jordan take a look at the Cavs-Celtics series, and give their thoughts on which team is going to the Finals. Also, CJ talks about the toughest defender he's gone up against and covers his offseason workout plan, before debating with Jordan about what the Suns should do with the first overall pick in the draft. Plus, James Harden's defensive issues, CJ recommends a new wine, and a fan question about which Golden State star to build around. Let's go, it's time to... PULL UP! Special thanks to this week's sponsors, Travel Portland and SeatGeek. Get $20 off your first ticket purchase by using the promo code PULLUP.

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