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Mental Health Within the NBA: The Downside of Social Media, Coping with Pressure and Anxiety, and the NBAPA's Mental...

Mental Health Within the NBA: The Downside of Social Media, Coping with Pressure and Anxiety, and the NBAPA's Mental Wellness Program

Pull Up with CJ McCollum - March 7, 2019 - 49:27

Welcome to another episode of Pull Up--number 48!On today's show, CJ and Jordan are talking about:- LeBron. Is this the most backlash he's faced from a home crowd? Could the state of the Lakers deter Anthony Davis from wanting to play there?- The Blazers' road trip.- Antonio Brown's landing spot.- And most importantly, mental health. The guys take a long look at the state of mental health around the league, and the impact that social media has on mood, self esteem, and overall happiness, Plus, what needs to be done to help players who are struggling to get help for themselves? This conversation was both insightful and useful, and stemmed from Adam Silver's recent talk with Bill Simmons at MIT's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. PULL UP.

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