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Packing For NBA Road Trips, Playoff Reseeding, Spencer Dinwiddie Joins the Show

Packing For NBA Road Trips, Playoff Reseeding, Spencer Dinwiddie Joins the Show

Pull Up with CJ McCollum - January 9, 2020 - 44:15

Packing for long road trips in the NBA can be challenging, but CJ has mastered it! He breaks down how he prepares for NBA road trips that feature cities in both hot and cold climates. The guys also break down the play that led to Carmelo Anthony’s recent game winning shot against the Toronto Raptors. Plus, the Pull Up Pod is excited to welcome on point guard for the Brooklyn Nets, Spencer Dinwiddie! Spencer discusses possible playoff reseeding and deceivingly tall NBA players. He also answers social media questions from the fans! All that and more on this week’s Pull Up! Follow us on Instagram - @PullUpPod

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