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Putin's existential war & CNN's new boss

Putin's existential war & CNN's new boss

The Powers That Be: Daily - March 4, 2022 - 1:00:06

Join Puck writers Peter Hamby, Matt Belloni, Julia Ioffe, and Dylan Byers for an expert discussion about these topics and more: Hollywood's response to Russia: Canceled productions, YouTube bans, and more If you want to see The Batman this weekend, you'll have to pay more at AMC theaters Larry David has abruptly shelved a documentary about himself ... and no, it's not a stunt for Curb Your Enthusiasm Russia has taken the major Ukrainian city of Kherson, and early predictions of how the war might end have gone out the window The Russian economy is being vaporized, but Putin is never going to take the L ... how far will he go? Western allies of Ukraine, including the US, won't be able to hide from the consequences of this war CNN has appointed a replacement for Jeff Zucker: "Wunderkind" executive producer Chris Licht Does Licht's appointment mean CNN is pivoting back to hard news? Yes and no. Whither the resistance-y "liberal edge" that CNN acquired during Zucker's term? Puck's team writes about the inside conversation happening in Wall Street, Washington, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood. Become a Puck member starting at $12.99/month or $100/year for daily articles and breaking news from Peter, Matt, Julia, Dylan, and more.

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