Ben Smith Intrigue & Yellowstone Mania

Ben Smith Intrigue & Yellowstone Mania

Ben Smith Intrigue & Yellowstone Mania

The Powers That Be: Daily - January 7, 2022 - 1:03:58

Join Puck writers Peter Hamby, Matt Belloni, Dylan Byers, and Tina Nguyen for an expert discussion about these topics and more: The eye-popping numbers for Yellowstone's season finale, and how Viacom screwed up the streaming rights Matt Belloni's predictions for Hollywood in 2022, including "the great theater contraction" Will Democrats draft celebrities like Dwayne Johnson and Oprah to run for office in 2024? What we know about the new media startup from ex-NYT writer Ben Smith and ex-Bloomberg Media CEO Justin Smith What the Smiths have said about the new company publicly, and who they're really talking to Whether or not the NewCo winds up being an "innovation hothouse," there's plenty of room to improve on modern journalism The one-year anniversary of the Jan. 6 insurrection, and how Republicans are talking about it What's missing in the media coverage, and was the insurrection just a "pit stop" on the road to much worse stuff? Donald Trump is getting booed and canceling press events — will the insurrection wing of the GOP carry on without him? Puck's team writes about the inside conversation happening in Wall Street, Washington, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood. (Become a Puck member) starting at $12.99/month or $100/year for daily articles and breaking news from Peter, Matt, Dylan, Tina, and more.

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