Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

Is Influencing Harder Than A 9 to 5 Job? (REUPLOAD)

Is Influencing Harder Than A 9 to 5 Job? (REUPLOAD)

Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz - October 5, 2022 - 58:28

This week on Pretty Basic: Alisha tells all about her true feelings concerning her sister Ashley’s flight from the proverbial nest(moving out and living on her own for the first time!!); Remi the Reader makes a reappearance and recommends some spicy literature *wink wink*; Pretty Pop Culture is hot hot hot this week, the girls have much to discuss, including: Ned from the Try Guys and the ongoing Tik-Tok debate: “is influencing "harder" than a 9 to 5?” Tune in to your best gal pals this week for another fun-filled and amazing episode!!!

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