Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz

Jealousy, Authenticity, and Everything In-between

Jealousy, Authenticity, and Everything In-between

Pretty Basic with Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz - April 22, 2020 - 39:42

It’s been a minute so the girls are doing a fun Q&A answering all of your questions. Topics like public relationships, manifesting dreams and goals, bonding moments with your best friend, weird music we all secretly listen to (everyone has their guilty pleasure), how they’re staying healthy and snacking during quarantine, and many more!

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Welcome to Pretty Basic, a weekly podcast hosted by multi-hyphenate creators and best friends, Alisha Marie and Remi Cruz. From TMI conversations about dating to big sister chats on how to feel more confident to the dark reality of influencing; each week you'll be left wanting more "content, baby, content." New episodes every Wednesday!

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