Copa America: Messi retired?!?! And, oh yeah, Chile won.

Copa America: Messi retired?!?! And, oh yeah, Chile won.

Planet Fútbol with Grant Wahl - June 27, 2016 - 32:39

The Copa America final has come and gone, and amazingly the big news to come out of the game has nothing to do with the team that lifted the trophy at the end of the night. Lionel Messi shocked the world first by missing his penalty kick in a shootout as Argentina lost to Chile, then again by claiming that he would retire from his national team after his fourth loss in a major tournament final. Here to break it all down the day after are SI senior writer Grant Wahl and's Brian Straus, both of whom were in the stadium as word spread of Messi's announcement. Together with host Avi Creditor, the guys talk about what impact Messi's departure will have on the Argentina national team, and whether Chile's achievement is overshadowed by the headline news.

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