JP Dellacamera interview

JP Dellacamera interview

Planet Fútbol with Grant Wahl - February 18, 2016 - 50:52

JP Dellacamera has been in the broadcast booth for 13 World Cups (men's and women's) and countless other iconic moments in American and world soccer lore, so it's no surprise that he has some fantastic stories to tell. Dellacamera does just that with SI's Grant Wahl on the new Planet Fútbol Podcast. What are the top moments of his broadcasting career? What does he think about "authentic" being the word used to describe foreign announcers calling the game on U.S. broadcasts? Dellacamera, known affectionately by many as simply "The Legend," talks about that and much more in an entertaining, lengthy discussion. -- Audibles is brought to you by FreshBooks. For freelancers and small business owners, Freshbooks takes the pain out of accounting. Have a question about the service? A real-live human will answer every call in about three rings. Get your 30-day free trial by going to and entering the promo code PLANET.

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