Outkick The Show - 11/28/16 - Kiffin to LSU? | Could Butch Bail?

Outkick The Show - 11/28/16 - Kiffin to LSU? | Could Butch Bail?

Outkick The Show with Clay Travis - November 28, 2016 - 47:46

Clay is live addressing the rumors that Lane Kiffin may be going to LSU as the next offensive coordinator. Clay breaks down how in a perfect world Butch Jones would leave voluntarily and create an opening for Kiffin to become the head coach, but assuming that doesn't pan out, should LSU fire Butch at the end of the season and hire Bobby Petrino? Clay also participates in the on going discussion about who will get the playoff bid between Ohio State and Penn State, delivering his strong argument for one team over the other. Plus, Clay continues to proclaim his love for Marcus Mariota and explains why Colin Kaeprnick should not be considered a civil rights activist.

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