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Episode 33: Ray McGuire on His Trailblazing Path as a Top Wall Street Banker, Advising on Some of the Biggest Merger...

Episode 33: Ray McGuire on His Trailblazing Path as a Top Wall Street Banker, Advising on Some of the Biggest Merger Deals in History, and Why He’s Running for Mayor of New York City

Boardroom: Out of Office - March 17, 2021 - 1:01:48

Ray McGuire, former Vice Chairman of Citigroup, is a trailblazing African-American Investment Banker who’s currently running as a democratic candidate for mayor of New York City. As an advisor to global corporations and boards, McGuire has worked on an estimated $600 billion in total deals, including Time Warner’s $108 billion merger with ATT in 2018. Though McGuire grew up in a single-parent household in Dayton, Ohio, his smarts, work ethic, and vision for his future landed him at Harvard, where he earned multiple degrees. But last year, McGuire, a committed philanthropist, stepped down from his position at Citigroup to enter the brutal arena of New York City politics. His campaign has emphasized his unique qualifications to lead the city at this critical time: “New York is in a financial crisis that has exploded into a whole bunch of crises — educational, health and criminal justice. If there is a moment in history where my skill set can help lead, this is it.” In this episode, McGuire shares with Rich and Gianni his 4 P-s for success: “prayer, preparation, performance and paranoia”; how he navigated his path as a trailblazing African American banker in ‘80s and ‘90s Wall Street; his pride in his happily-blended family, including stepson, Cole Anthony, the Orlando Magic rookie point guard; and his vision for leading New York City into a brighter future.

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