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Episode 28: Jamie Patricof on the joys of being an independent film and television producer, and how producing...

Episode 28: Jamie Patricof on the joys of being an independent film and television producer, and how producing movies is like being a CEO of a startup

Boardroom: Out of Office - February 10, 2021 - 51:44

Jamie Patricof is an accomplished independent film, tv, and documentary producer, and co-founder of Electric City Entertainment. His projects include the films Captain Fantastic (Viggo Mortensen); Blue Valentine (Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling); and The Place Beyond the Pines (Bradley Cooper). Early in the pandemic, Patricof kicked off Lunch With Jamie, a popular Zoom lecture series featuring luminaries from the worlds of politics, sports and Hollywood. In this episode, Patricof talks to Rich (they’ve been best friends since childhood) and Gianni about striking work/life balance; emerging trends in the tv and film business; the entrepreneurial inspiration he gets from his 86-year-old father who recently started a new venture; and his possible plans for running for political office.

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