8. ALL-NEW "You Asked For It!" Audio Advice Column with Sarah Knight

8. ALL-NEW "You Asked For It!" Audio Advice Column with Sarah Knight

No F*cks Given Podcast - March 16, 2021 - 39:06

“You Asked For It!” is a monthly feature of the No F*cks Given podcast. Sarah Knight takes listener questions and answers them (anonymously, of course) in an episode full of great advice, actionable tips, and—as always—real talk. Plus a preview of next week’s episode on email overload, and the NFG tip of the week! Today’s topics: Silencing your inner critic Saying no to people who want to pick your brain…for free Standing up for your life choices Fighting perfectionism Dealing with aggressive huggers Coping with a partner’s anxiety Teaser for next week: Inbox management NFG tip of the week: “Flip the script!” Visit www.nofucksgivenguides.com for more information and to sign up for the No F*cks Given Newsletter. Follow on Instagram and Facebook @nofucksgivenguides and Twitter @nofucksgiven.

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