10. F*ck Anxiety! Learn to Control What You Can & Let Go of What You Can't

10. F*ck Anxiety! Learn to Control What You Can & Let Go of What You Can't

No F*cks Given Podcast - March 30, 2021 - 39:53

Freaking out is a fact of life. We all do it in different ways, over different stuff—whether we have clinical ongoing anxiety or just “situational” anxiety about the random sh*t life throws at us on any given day. Sarah Knight (who does suffer from clinical anxiety) wants to help ALL of us with ALL of that. Tune in to get simple, practical tools for identifying and processing your worries, sorting the sh*t you can control from the sh*t you can’t, and letting go of the latter so you can focus on the former. Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Radio.com, or wherever you get your podcasts. New episode every Tuesday. Today’s topics: Worrying and the What-ifs Sh*t that hasn’t happened yet vs. sh*t that has The Sarah Knight Sh*tstorm Scale Using your “probometer” What’s your status? (Prioritize by urgency!) The One Question to Rule Them All: Can I control it? 4 types of control you DO have Accepting reality Weekly NFG tip: PHEW (Productive Helpful Effective Worrying) Visit www.nofucksgivenguides.com for more information and to sign up for the No F*cks Given Newsletter. Follow on Instagram and Facebook @nofucksgivenguides and Twitter @nofucksgiven.

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