Meaningful Conversations with Maria Shriver

How to Gain Self-Love & Create a Better Reality with Marisa Peer

How to Gain Self-Love & Create a Better Reality with Marisa Peer

Meaningful Conversations with Maria Shriver - May 6, 2019 - 59:16

"If you want love, change one thing, how much you believe you're worth. Then, you will find love."-Marisa Peer I am enough. Three simple words that we don’t tell are selves nearly as often as we should. Bestselling author and therapist Marisa Peer is determined to help us change that. She says if we turn the mirror on ourselves and start saying “I am enough”—then we can build the strength and the confidence to change our entire lives. ​I’m excited that I got to sit down with her for a Meaningful Conversation and look forward to you hearing what she has to say.If you’re looking for more inspiration and words of wisdom, then please sign up for my free weekly email newsletter - The Sunday Paper. Visit website to subscribe

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