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Football is Unapologetically Back (ft. Demario Davis) | EP 156 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Football is Unapologetically Back (ft. Demario Davis) | EP 156 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Maybe I'm Crazy with Joy Taylor - September 10, 2020 - 1:02:49

This week on the podcast we welcome NEW ORLEANS First-team All-Pro linebacker DEMARIO DAVIS who, as a member of the players coalition, is actively working on solutions to ending social injustices & racial inequality. Aside from making the world a better place, DEMARIO’s on the field work is getting ramped up, and JOY TAYLOR sees a bright future for dem SAINTS. In WIT IT or QUIT IT this week, JOY and producer DONNIE BEACHAM whip out the NFL crystal ball and let the predictions fly for the 2020 season. HIGH KEY the unapologetic blackness of CAM NEWTON has fueled the doubters…LOW KEY you can’t be both FOR & AGAINST cancel culture. Which is it? And, are GIANNIS’ days in Milwaukee numbered? This week in the CULTURE REPORT, gender reveal parties have gone too far, once again! Plus, JOY & T are equally excited about the FRESH PRINCE reunion, but who’s their favorite “non-Will” character? Also, the GOLDEN GIRLS are being temporarily rebooted in an effort to promote the vote. But what about a more permanent reboot? PS. We love you Tracee Ellis Ross!

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