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Brooklyn’s Big Three? (ft. Kevin O’Connor) | EP 166 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Brooklyn’s Big Three? (ft. Kevin O’Connor) | EP 166 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Maybe I'm Crazy with Joy Taylor - November 18, 2020 - 1:03:37

With the NBA season already around the corner, who better to have on the pod than NBA staff writer for THE RINGER, KEVIN O’CONNOR. The rumors around JAMES HARDEN and the NETS has JOY and KEVIN contemplating the NBA’s next big 3, and what makes this trio standout from the one’s we’ve seen before. Plus, NBA DRAFT talk and what the CHRIS PAUL to PHOENIX trade means for DEVIN BOOKER’s stardom. In WIT IT or QUIT IT this week, we assign an emoji to each NFL division. The NFC EAST has gotta be the poop emoji, right? And the SEAHAWKS and RUSSELL WILSON started off hot, but it’s been kind of chilly in recent weeks. Time to give up on SEATTLE?HIGH KEY the NFC EAST is the worst of the worst. LOW KEY the GIANTS might just be the best of the worst. Plus, will JAMES HARDEN to the NETS be a beautiful disaster? And we celebrate KIM NG’s hire as GM of the MARLINS.In the CULTURE REPORT this week, THE WEEKND is adding his name to the long list of artists to perform during the SUPER BOWL. Plus, KEVIN HART returns with a new NETFLIX special in the age of COVID-19. Also, MEGAN THEE STALLION was awarded the GQ Rapper of the Year, and man does she deserve!

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