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Marvel at Kyler Murray’s Homecoming (feat. DeAngelo Hall) | EP 87

Marvel at Kyler Murray’s Homecoming (feat. DeAngelo Hall) | EP 87

Maybe I'm Crazy with Joy Taylor - April 24, 2019 - 1:11:30

This week former NFL star DeAngelo Hall joins Joy and Brandon to talk about Kyler Murray’s Draft stock, having two QBs, expectations for the Browns and whatever’s going on with the Giants and Eli Manning. In WIT IT OR QUIT IT, we talk about Russell Westbrook’s legacy and the Bucks/Celtics series in the NBA Playoffs. OBJ is in PETTY COURT for clapping back at a Giants fan on Twitter. In LOSER POWER RANKINGS, we have Steve Kerr for calling out Westbrook’s media etiquette, fat shaming (we got you Zeke), and Russell Wilson and his Easter braids. In HIGH KEY, LOW-KEY Shaq says Kobe should be the President of the Lakers, Klay Thompson takes a dip to get wet from 3 and we draft our starting five heroes/villains in the Marvel Universe. Finally, in THE MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, Brandon and Joy review Beyoncé’s “Homecoming” a documentary directed and executive produced by Beyoncé and streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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