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Justice for George Floyd (ft. Bucky Brooks) | EP 186 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Justice for George Floyd (ft. Bucky Brooks) | EP 186 | Maybe I’m Crazy

Maybe I'm Crazy with Joy Taylor - April 21, 2021 - 56:47

Making his return to the podcast, former NFL player/scout and current NFL analyst/head coach of Granada Hills Charter HS, BUCKY BROOKS joins JOY TAYLOR to dig into some NFL DRAFT talk. Should it be illegal to compare MAC JONES to TOM BRADY? And which NFL star would be the perfect mentor for JUSTIN FIELDS? Plus, TREVOR LAWRENCE’S shoulders have no chips, and that’s fine. In WIT IT or QUIT IT, more T-LAW talk as we debate achieving greatness with balanced priorities. But more importantly, if the Top QB prospects in the upcoming band formed a boy band, who’d be the shy guy?HIGH KEY…STEPH CURRY makes a push for a 3rd MVP trophy while the 76ERS look like they MIGHT get over that playoff hump. PLUS, is JOY and DONNIE discuss the future of boxing in a world of JAKE PAUL’s.In this week’s CULTURE REPORT, the Crazy Gang give their instant reaction to the guilty verdict in the DEREK CHAUVIN case over the murder of GEORGE FLOYD.

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