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GO OFF, KIRK! (feat. Rob Mendez) | EP 122 | MAYBE I'M CRAZY

GO OFF, KIRK! (feat. Rob Mendez) | EP 122 | MAYBE I'M CRAZY

Maybe I'm Crazy with Joy Taylor - January 8, 2020 - 1:04:50

ROB MENDEZ, the Jimmy V Award-winning football coach, joins JOY TAYLOR in studio to chop it about football and life. ROB is pulling for the 49ERS, learned a lot from TOM BRADY and thinks FREDDIE KITCHENS will get a job on an NFL staff this upcoming season.In WIT IT/QUIT IT producer JOHN HELLER finds out where JOY stands on MIKE MCCARTHY as the new co-leader of America’s Team and TOM BRADY’s possible swan song.In PETTY COURT you’ll find KIRK COUSINS. Do you like that? Either way, you are PETTY fr fr!HIGH KEY at least 75% of sports fans probably googled JOE JUDGE today after the GIANTS named him as their head coach, LOW KEY they probably wanted to hire MATT RHULE but the PANTHERS got him.HIGH KEY the BROWNS are still without coach, but LOW KEY they’re probably waiting on ROBERT SALEH, who has a chain wallet, figuratively speaking.The number one LOSER in the LOSER POWER RANKINGS is the notion of dynasties in sports. Man, it’s been a rough year for dynasties. The PATRIOTS didn’t win the SUPER BOWL, the WARRIORS whole team is injured, the SPURS are getting worse, GAME OF THRONES ended, etc. etc.Also, SEAN MCDERMOTT and all seventy-two DOLPHINS HATERS are in here, too.In the MIGOS CULTURE REPORT, T breaks down the COACHELLA lineup and shares her personal experience at BEYCHELLA. JOY and T also have some thoughts on ELTON JOHN, TOM HANKS and more from the GOLDEN GLOBES.Big shouts to AMANDA SEALES for joining the cast of THE REAL on a full-time basis.Stick around for JOY's full DIVISIONAL WEEKEND picks. Preciate y'all!

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