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DANNY DIMES + UNCUT GEMS (feat. Mark Schlereth) | EP 107

DANNY DIMES + UNCUT GEMS (feat. Mark Schlereth) | EP 107

Maybe I'm Crazy with Joy Taylor - September 25, 2019 - 1:07:02

JOY TAYLOR covers a lot of ground with three-time Super Bowl champion, MARK “STINK” SCHLERETH. The conversation swings effortlessly from the Eagles blame game to airplane etiquette, from critiquing KYLER MURRAY to gruesome surgery stories. In WIT IT/QUIT it, DANIEL JONES proves JOY right again about first round QBs starting from week one and BAKER MAYFIELD starts to unravel under the pressure to win in Cleveland.JOY and the entire MIC family are PETTY for being right about LAMELO BALL. This week youngest BALL BROTHER caught the eye of some NBA scouts who shared their thoughts anonymously about it. Too bad we already knew all this since the early JBA days.HIGH KEY cAm NeWtOn is misunderstood and LOW KEY it’s all bad for the Steelers without BIG BEN, AB or LE’VEON. Also, HIGH KEY why did the Patriots sign and play AB and LOW KEY does he get a ring if New England wins the Super Bowl?LOSERS include, JIM HARBAUGH and every Wolverine everywhere, Cowboys’ haters and the Eagles who aren’t necessarily looking like the NFC East division winners JOY saw them as.Moral of the CULTURE REPORT is stop snitchin’, you know why. Oh and big shouts to ADAM SANDLER for popping out with the trailer for “Uncut Gems” right quick.

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