Baker Haters go quiet + Who’s the King of RnB?  (feat. Tank) | EP 71

Baker Haters go quiet + Who’s the King of RnB? (feat. Tank) | EP 71

Baker Haters go quiet + Who’s the King of RnB? (feat. Tank) | EP 71

Maybe I'm Crazy with Joy Taylor - December 12, 2018 - 1:18:01

(GUEST) Tank joins Joy and Brandon to settle this debate of the real KING of RnB and in the process, defends his TOP 5 list. After going in on the greatest RnB artists, Tank talks about LeBron’s first game at STAPLES Center, how he became a Clippers fan, AND reflects on his high school running back career. PLUS, you know Tank had to weigh-in on the NBA GOAT conversation. (WIT IT or QUIT IT) Joy and Brandon discuss if the Cowboys go on a run to finish the season, if the Chargers are the best team in LA and whether or not Patrick Mahomes has the MVP locked up after beating the Ravens. (PETTY COURT) This week in Petty Court, Giannis Antetokounmpo is petty for refusing to train with LeBron so he doesn’t give away any of his “secrets,” but is considering training with Kobe. (LIT LIST) The Dolphins are lit for owning the Patriots in December and Steph Curry is lit for staying #WOKE about the “Moon landing.” (LOSER POWER RANKINGS) The Steelers are losers for losing to the Raiders. Baker Mayfield doubters are losers and the Vikings are losers for NEVER beating a team with a winning record. (MIGOS CULTURE REPORT) Brandon and Joy discuss the events surrounding Cardi B and Offset calling it quits. PLUS, Kendrick and Drake lead the way in Grammy Nominations and which artist deserves “Album of the Year?” (RANDOM ISH) Find out what the Moon Landing and Dinosaur sounds have in common.

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