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🎒 “Revenge backpacks” — Tesla’s round-up marketing. Oreo’s cakes. Walmart’s anti-innovation.

🎒 “Revenge backpacks” — Tesla’s round-up marketing. Oreo’s cakes. Walmart’s anti-innovation.

Snacks Daily - August 18, 2021 - 19:19

Mondelez is turning Oreo’s from cookies into cakes because snacking evolved to indulging. The government probe into Tesla’s self-driving could be the end of Elon’s “round-up marketing” fun. And Walmart’s 4 highlights right now are parties, pants, potatoes, and backPacks, but it just lost its legendary crown.$TSLA $MDLZ $WMTGot a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @JackKramer @NickOfNewYorkWant a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: a SnackFact for the pod? We got a form for that too:

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