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🍒 “Sustainocoin” — Chia’s green Bitcoin. NYT + Athletic = Super App. Bowery’s $2.3B kale.

🍒 “Sustainocoin” — Chia’s green Bitcoin. NYT + Athletic = Super App. Bowery’s $2.3B kale.

Snacks Daily - May 26, 2021 - 18:41

Some PFWTM say The New York Times is in talks to acquire The Athletic, but we think it’s pulling a George Costanza and whipping up a news super app. Bowery hit a $2.3B valuation in the biggest vertical farming deal in (kale) history. And Chia raised $61M to create a greener cryptocurrency — it’s “farming,” not “mining”.$NYT $XCHGot a SnackFact? Tweet it @RobinhoodSnacks @JackKramer @NickOfNewYorkWant a shoutout on the pod? Fill out this form: a SnackFact for the pod? We got a form for that too:

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