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🐉 “Jamie Dimon = The last Targaryen” — Buffett’s “smart money” stock sale. Constellation’s booze blueprint....

🐉 “Jamie Dimon = The last Targaryen” — Buffett’s “smart money” stock sale. Constellation’s booze blueprint. JPMorgan’s last dragon.

Snacks Daily - April 7, 2020 - 17:49

Warren Buffett noticed something in airport data from the TSA that made him rethink his airline investments, so we’re looking at the smart money’s moves. Constellation Brands’ liquors are having a corona-conomy moment, but we’re more fascinated by the powerful slide #12 in its earnings deck. And we’re comparing JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s experience from the ‘08 financial crisis to the current one — because he’s the last big bank chief still around from the days of Lehman Brothers.

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