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Unbreakable Family Bonds & Fostering Closeness + Dixie at the Met Gala

Unbreakable Family Bonds & Fostering Closeness + Dixie at the Met Gala

Marc & Heidi - The Other D’Amelios - September 21, 2021 - 37:33

The D’Amelios are a tight-knit bunch, and Marc and Heidi wouldn’t have it any other way. They discuss where those tight family bonds come from and how they’ve fostered that closeness between themselves and their girls. They speak to building trust, their parenting styles from when Dixie and Charli were young to now, the role that fun has played in the bonding process, and the true normalcy that still defines their lives. They explain how this whole social media journey has actually brought them closer together, and how they’ve helped the girls navigate everything that comes with it. Plus, stories about Dixie’s Met Gala experience, Charlie’s early competitive dance days, and Dixie’s childhood BMX career.

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